Why not decide on one laptop case and a character coded tech accessory and have the sibling get a different one? Not only do they get to own their fav but in case they want to swap they can. Double the fun and double the options.

 There are so many positives for siblings if we all just take the time to put aside our squabbling and start to look at the things you wouldn’t have if you didn’t have a sibling. Simply doubling up on toys and clothes and any other belongs is half the fun!

Laptop Case

 Family dinners are always a hoot! And of course as adults you can travel together, or have a second home to go to but some research in fact says that having older siblings works as a trickle down effect for success. As the older ones learn to lead the way the younger ones are brought up to speed faster and better.

 As we find ourselves in a digital age, the kids of today are bringing in laptops and tablets to school as young as six and developing codes for programming robots before they have even hit high school. These are the times as the children surpass their parent’s knowledge that they rely highly on siblings to help get them through!

 To help multiple children through the household change and adaptation of these tech devices and digital technologies…..and minimise the squabbling, TechAttire have created some ways to keep each child’s belongings customized for them but made double the fun for the whole family. Check out some funky laptop cases, charger protection and novelty USB’s at www.techattire.com.au


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