At TechAttire we aim to bring you products that help protect and enhance your devices. We also like to have a little fun with the designs. One way for us to have some fun is to create laptop cases with designs from everyday artists. As artists ourselves we want to enrich that field and give back a little.

One of the first designs created was for our 11 & 13 inch laptop cases called, yes you know it.. Graffiti Knowledge. The artwork brief was to give inspiration to ‘learn and achieve.’ That being said the word ‘Knowledge’ was used in the graffiti art in an awesome tag style paint. It has shown to be one of our popular designs selling before the stock had landed.

The artist behind the work is a guy by the name of Charles West who is a local Ipswich resident in Queensland, Australia. We took some time to sit down with Charles and ask him a few questions about being an artist. Here are a few simple q’s we got him to answer

What age did you start this style of art?
I was 15years old

Have you always been interested in the visual arts? Ie painting, drawing etc
I have liked visual  art since I was 13years old 

What is your favourite colour combination?
Purples and orange.

If you could meet any artist dead or alive who would it be and why?
There is an artist from London "Astek" who I was inspired by his style back in 98 and to this day.

What is the best thing about having an art talent?
The best thing about this talent is that it can be used on so many different levels from canvas, appeal , murals and also tech cases.

What is the biggest struggle being an artist?
The biggest struggle for me is trying to force out a project when I'm not in the mood or feeling the vibe.

Check out Charles’ design and others here or send us a line if you’re interested in becoming our next in house artist. 


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