I know I get frustrated searching for the charger that 'works' quickly when my phone dies. Not to mention having to tape up the frayed ends to save myself another trip to the shops or stopping the sibling fights over the better charger!

Did you know that there is an answer? Maybe you can find a use for one of these!

TechAttire’s cable protectors include cable bites, cable end protectors and cable clips. Pick from an array of accessories to help cover and protect your device chargers and cords you have optimum choice to personalise your tech. Most of the accessories easily help by gripping onto your cables and protect from fraying.

Once I got a hold of one of these babies though my life changed. I simply placed them onto my cord and slid them down to the end and boom the cable end was secured! The whole family had one each so we all new what charger belonged to who.

These fun little animal bites protect cables from fraying and extend their life.. and of course add a little happiness into your life with their overbearing cuteness! From cable protectors to laptop cases, TechAttire encourages you to explore your personality as you dominate your digital skills. 

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