As kids we get to play pretend, dress up, experiment and get generally creative and unique.  We adapt easily to change and we ooze confidence. As we get older we don’t often get a chance to show off that playful, fun confident side. Take life a little less seriously when you can so why not embrace and show it off with one of our funky hard shell laptop cases.

Laptop Cases

We’ve created and introduced unique and fun laptop cases that not only serve your protection needs whilst giving your laptop personality but they help you express your own personality.

The laptop hard shell designs are specifically made for students with an embossed molded EVA material that is shock resistant and water resistant. The unique printed design is what makes this case stand out from this standard black ones. Available in different designs whilst keeping in mind different ages, tastes and sizes.

We want our customers to feel empowered to show off their individuality whilst dominating their digital skills. Check out this style and others at

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