It's TIME to make your life easier!

and just a little more fun :-)

No more tangled earphones.... or splitting & lost chargers!
Have fun decorating your cable chargers and protecting your earphones with these cool kits. 
These Character Protector Packs are going to fix a few of your problems.

1. Earphones tangled and wasting time.

Have a think about how much time you're wasting untangling your cables, be it either your earphones or your chargers.
Do you use them everyday? Multiple times a day?
Do you have a separate set at work, home & in the car to minimise the pain?

2. Protect your charger cord from splitting, fraying and breaking!

Just pop these babies on the ends of your cables to protect them!
With a silicone inner clip to allow the cord to still bend naturally and a PVC clip to hold it tight in place and give character.

3. Know which cables are YOURS! Take ownership and keep those pesky thieves away.

We all have this problem!! Someone keeps taking your charger but no one fesses up or you all fight over whose is whose.
If it's dressed up nice then there's no mistaken who is the owner and
who is the thief! LOL
Do you know the charger that works better? or only works in the car?

Ready to see what design
suits you?

But that's not all that's included in the pack!

Keep your cables in a matching case.

So the earphone connector protects the end of your cable but also doubles as a loop clip to keep your earphones together and untangled.
Add the end protectors and winder cord to your charger and keep them nicely in a matching case.
The Protector Pack contains: 
2 cable end protectors
1 cable cord cover
1 earphone end clip
1 cable clip
1 case
But..the Cable charger and earphones are not included (please insert yours! :-)

Check out some of the designs

Would you like to check them all out?

Not ready just yet? That's ok, we understand you need time to find your charger and untangle your earphones. Sign up for our newsletter and stay in touch!
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We thank you for your support!
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