Protective wear for your tech

TechAttire provides protective and funky laptop cases along with other fun accessories that will make your devices even more fun!

We’re here to support the digital age....and have fun in the process!

Funky Laptop Cases

Hard shell Laptop bags are manufactured with high-end custom EVA material that provide resistance from water and a greater safety from damages. These are designed primarily to provide ultimate protection and durability to your laptops but come in a range of funky designs and colours for personality.

Cable Protection Packs

iP7 Protector Packs are available in 10 characters. Have fun decorating your cable chargers and protecting your earphones with these cool kits. The packs include earphone connector to protect the end of your earphone cable but also doubles as a loop clip to keep your earphones together and untangled and in matching case. It also has an end protector and winder cord for your phone charger cable and a cord cover and spiral protector for your laptop charger.

Cable Protectors

TechAttire’s cable protectors include cable bites, cable end protectors and cable clips. Pick from an array of accessories to help cover and protect your device chargers and cords. Make them stand out with your own character designs. They help by gripping onto your cables and protect from fraying.

Device accessories to dress and protect!

Electronic devices are helping us connect to the world, encourage creativity and online engagement, so let's make all the necessary boring stuff like cases and chargers fun.


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